About Us


Baltwood Trading Company was founded in the year 2005 in Estonia (Tallinn). In the year 2007 in order to optimize collaboration with Russian suppliers and provide quality control, Baltwood Trading Company established a representative office in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

We specialize currently in supplying of the entire range of wood products to Europe, as well as provision of freight forwarding services.

The main products are sourced from European part of Russia and the Ural. Our partnership with suppliers focused on long-term cooperation: stable annual contracts with rollover, optimum funding, expert advice on the quality and method of production, logistics organization charts, market survey.

We offer our European customers Russian hardwood and softwood plywood, sawn and planed softwood timber, hardboard, softwood edge-glued panels, hardwood veneer, latoflex of high quality, delivered promptly and safely to warehouse of European customer. Our team is professionals, which are working in the market of production and supply of timber for many years and always will be able to help you solving any problems associated with sourcing and delivery of products.

The logistic department of our company is organizing delivery of its all products and provides freight services to other companies. Employees can solve any tasks associated with freight searching, information attendance of transport, safety of cargo in transit. Long-term contracts with trucking companies allow us to offer our partners low rates for import and export freights.

Our mission is to completely satisfy requirements of our partners in Russia and abroad. To do so, we try to be decent, dynamic company with a distinct value and the target benchmarks, contributing to society as a whole


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